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One of the wonderful things about personal weblogs is how they cross categories. I may for this site start reading a blog because it mentions hypertext on a regular basis, but then I get to read about good food, or electronic music, or real estate... and maybe how they relate to hypertext. And if I'm really lucky, the blogger has properly categorized their entries into a nifty index.

I don't want to add all of these blogs to textuality.org because this site has a sharp focus which I want to maintain; nevertheless, I think t.org needs a collection of the relevant categorical focii from them. So in this entry, the subtopics should end up in the Categories list rather than this entry itself, and each is the 'hypertext index' from a spiffy blog.

And yes, for the record, I hate the term 'blogosphere'. I want a term for 'the set of weblogs' that doesn't sound like a 1st Edition D&D monster.

The Great Lettuce Head on Hypertext

Steve Ersinghaus' Great Lettuce Head touches (as advertised) on: fiction, English Literature, New Media, Writing, and technology in education. And it has a hypertext category.

Something Different on Tinderbox and Blogging

Doug Miller doesn't have a hypertext category in his blog per se, but his Tinderbox, blogging, and education categories are all relevant to t.org's interests.

NoCategories on Hypertext

Dylan Kinnet's NoCategories' largest or second largest ... category ... is on hypertext.

Kottke on Web technology

Kottke.org doesn't have a category on hypertext exactly, but does have a section on web technology, and that seems to be where the hypertext issues that I'm interested in fall. I need to write about "hypertext" vs. "the web" since that's such an FAQ whenever I mention the term.

URLGREYHOT on Information work and Education

Michael Angeles confusingly lists URLGREYHOT's categories as separate blogs. Regardless, the content is interesting and the topics closest to the heart of t.org are the information work blog, Education, and the Education blog. Even if he is into homeschooling.

It looks like "Education" is separate from the "Education Blog" in that, like t.org, the site contains things which are outside the blog and exist in a broader hypertext.

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