eNarrative 6

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eNarrative 6: Creative Hypertext Nonfiction doesn't begin for another hour and a half, but people are already blogging about it. This will be my entry for the event, which I'll update as I digest what everyone said.

Beyond the cut: anticipatory thoughts, and that's about it.


It's been a while since eNarratives 2 and 4 (do I have something about the evens?) and I'm excited to see faces familiar and new. This will be the first gathering/convention that I've gone to where there are people that I have gotten to know online but am meeting in person for the first time... I know that's old hat these days, but I don't get to many conventions so it's new for me.

I'm also expecting a bumper crop of good links and readings to take home, and to be one of the people offering to collect them again. I'm expecting to get some good strong rebuttals to ideas that I hold but haven't articulated about blogging, hypertext structure, and dialogue. I'm expecting to lose track of time.

And ...

I apparently didn't follow up on this...

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