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The Long Winter

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As you can see from the post below this one, I haven't posted here in a very, very long time. And, just as damningly, it was a long, long time before there was a post before that.

I started this blog to walk through hypertext, to teach myself the field by doing a survey of its works and its objects. As I did so, I began to conclude that my original survey would result in a Museum of Curiosities rather than a coherent collection. As I was entering this hiatus I decided, though it's a bold statement to throw out without time for defense, that what I was interested in within the field of hypertext had moved elsewhere, and has become instantiated in, largely, games. Perhaps games and blogs and wikis. That's where the interesting work of multilinear, non-linear, reader-responsive, 'yielding' text is.

And then I got a job in the game industry, and stopped posting.  Learning a new career is hectic, and when I enjoy my work, I dive into it headfirst.  In this case, I have only just come up for air for the first time.

I'd like to start this back up again, largely because I've now been in the game industry long enough to have some articulate thoughts about my original interest. I've also got a lot of things that I was interested in back when I was writing this blog that couldn't make it in-- things which squeezed out into the occasional entry like the last. Education. Infotainment. Edutainment. Role playing games and epistemic frames. Getting children, or users, or players, to approach their world like authors of an intertwingled, multilinear narrative.

So, I'm hoping to bring this back. I tested, first, whether my Tinderbox posting system still functions through all these cobwebs.  It doesn't, and after two years, finding the documentation that I would need to fix it without upgrading would be difficult - Tb's docs have never been very accessible (I should know, I spent time trying to fix that situation), and they're certainly not good across time.

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