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I set myself some criteria for random web readings about two months ago, as I was rebuilding this blog: if I write it up on the blog, I can read this. That's a pretty good way to go, if the time spent reading doesn't use all the time available for writing.

Which I have let happen.

So I'm going to make sure that I post those readings regularly, even if they're still queued up for reading and writing.  Starting now!

  • The Chinese Language, Ever Evolving - several experts' take on the Chinese government's efforts to manage the written language.  I'm intrigued by efforts to standardize (and maintain) languages because it seems like such an important, significant, and fundamentally futile activity. Documentation, yes.  Archival, yes.  Management - doomed from the moment ink hits paper.
  • Google Chrome Tech Doc - I'd probably have read this regardless of its presentation, because every now and then Google turns the world on its ear and I'd like to see the thinking as it does so.  However, they had Scott McCloud illustrate this doc, and ... it helps.  I was skeptical by page 3, thinking that sometimes he was just coming up with cute illustrations that added nothing (making me wish the space had been given to more text).  By page 8 I'd been swung around.  The important text is there, and some of the concepts get just that little push into clarity with a bit of visual support.  Now I'm wondering what the process was for creating that document-- did he interview people there, or just work from docs and photos?  How many of the people illustrated are now using his drawings as their avatars?

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