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In the last few weeks, I have made guest appearances on a couple of podcasts. Between the recent conference appearances and these podcasts, I spent May and June talking a lot about what I do ... it felt good to get back to being a Doer and not just a Talker, especially as the microphone end of podcasting is pretty new to me. The skills for giving a good presentation at a conference and for being a good podcast guest are really different. Presentations are planned, focused on a single topic, can be visual. Podcasts are spontaneous, more like interviews, may cover a variety of topics, are aural, and (more) interactive. I suppose that panels or other conference formats with 'respondent's are somewhere in between. In either format, I need to be careful to speak less about myself; and to confidently say something once and then to move on. I have a bit of a tendency to explain things three or four ways in the hopes of covering the bases when once is enough. Without further ado, then, 'my' podcasts:
I have a couple of Mac Minis that we haven't used in a while. I doubt with our current setup that we'll use them again. Besides taking them in to Tekserve on Electronics Recycling Day, what could we do with them? They're Mac Mini (Original)s, specs here at Apple. The quick version of that is that they've got minimal specs to be useful these days-- they're 1.25 GHz G4s, with 512 MB of RAM, IIRC. They're in good shape, they're just ... old. Thoughts?

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