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I went to a playtesters' group recently, and picked up two fliers for upcoming conventions for game design.  They seem to be focusing on the indie, hobbyist, artisanal, and semi-professional game design communities as much as on professional designers.  With my Game Design Advocate hat on, I think that these are awesome ideas, and I hope that I can attend one or both.  If you're interested in game design, or just want to see something new, I'm sure there are going to be some great experiments and original ideas ... not merely on display, but there for you to experience!

Metatopia - "The Game Design Festival", Nov. 4-6 at the Morristown Hyatt & Conference Center.  $50 membership for designers, to get your game played; $20 player memberships, and $30 walk-in player memberships.  Cool!

Anonycon - "Artisanal Games; Craft, Skill, & Quality", December 2-4 in Stamford, CT.

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