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I've built this blog to give structure to my exploration of the field of hypertext.  I mean it to be both weblog and resource for myself and for others.  As I come across materials relevant to the field --be they texts, books, people, events, sites, papers, or my own work-- I log and archive them.

About me

I hope to open this blog up to others, soon, so this section may change...

I live in Brooklyn, NY at the intersection of People and Technology.  I grew up in central New York State, went to college outside of Philadelphia, and moved to Boston to be an adult.  I spent four years there as the techie at a wonderful summer program for kids before going to New York to work with databases, design and build games, and help people work better. On the side I play, lead, and write role-playing games.

Hmm... my credentials, such as they are: My name is Scott Price.  I've been on the web since 1997, and crafting hypertexts on and off the web since 1998.  I've attended conferences when I could, and read and thought when I couldn't.  I have my resumé posted in case some school or new media-in-education thinktank is looking for someone who stands with a foot in education, a foot in literature, a foot in computing, and who is used to standing on one more foot than he actually has.


I whole-heartedly welcome correspondence about this site, about hypertext, or about Tinderbox.  You can reach me by email at sprice - at - textuality.org .

Why This site?

While I was in school I encountered Storyspace and read a few hypertexts as a sideline for a course... they were floating around on the school servers because of some prominent figures that preceded me there.  In '98 and '99 I submitted a few papers as hypertexts.  In '00 I student-taught a high school class using Storyspace and then assembled the materials for my teaching certification as a (web) hypertext.

Then I left it for a few years as I took a new job, moved to a new city.  I'm still interested in hypertext, though, and am always thinking about it in my career path.  Before I could approach that, though, I need to know more about it.  Stuff has changed in the last few years.

So this site is partly a tool to organize my survey of the field of hypertext, and partly to serve as a resource for others who might be doing the same.

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