Textuality is officially adolescent  1/13/07

T.org is officially adolescent. I say this because:

  • It is going through growth spurts (new categories, issues)

  • Its voice keeps changing

  • It's about to look very different

  • While it's going through all this, it hasn't been doing much but changing (few actual posts)

  • I've been arguing with its code a lot (specifically cross-browser css).

T.org is in the process of finding itself. It's not quite a normal blog, and it's not just an archive of resources and reviews. Mark Bernstein calls blogs like this Fagerjordian (Tinderbox News 21 Oct 2003), after Anders Fagerjord's surftrail. Fagerjordian blogs are more deeply hypertextual... the blog is clearly one projection, one path, of a richer hypertext and the blog uses that richer structure to enrich the reading experience. I bought into that scheme for t.org before I'd heard the term, so I hope it's a positive development.

So, yes... for another week or so my t.org worktime is going into css and Tinderbox rather than reviews. Hope I don't lose all three of you that are reading this!