eNarrative 2  10/4/04 - Event

Whee, zip, wow. A Keanu Reeves-like "whoah." Those were my first reactions to the eNarrative2 conference that happened Feb. 24-25, 2001. A year later, when I wrote up these notes for my own site, that was still true. The eNarrative roundtables kept on top of the field and did their small part to lead it as well. I use the past tense because the last of the eNarratives happened in 2003, and I know of no plans to bring them back.

During the roundtable I volunteered to collect and record the URLs discussed during the roundtables, and that was the majority of my notes. One of the most amazing things about the conference was the sheer brilliance of the readings; I walked through the site and gathered the URLs from there as well. My condensation doesn't have any of the cool discussion that the eNarrative site does, but it has nearly all the external site links.

The extensive notes on the content of eNarrative4 are, to me, much more interesting.

Links discussed at eNarrative2

The publicly available URLs that we discussed at the conference are below; we also discussed a fair number of in-progress or non-public URLs, and I held on to those: if you were at the conference and want the URLs, drop me a line. I've tried to put eNarrative2 participants' names by their pieces; apologies if I've missed putting your name next to your work.

URLs that are live as of Oct. 4 2004 are linked; discussed URLs that are broken are unlinked.

Silke Baumblüth sent a few German URLs that attend to related subjects. She wrote:

The first one is the NULL-Project with small Hypertexts combined to a chart that looks like a star-chart. Obviously the sites are mainly in German but maybe it can still be interesting to take a look.

Links from the eNarrative2 site

This is a condensation of the links within Eastgate System's eNarrative Conference website as of eNarrative2. The site is fascinating (the roundtables were fascinating), but as I sought to build a set of links to the really awesome online hypertext, I wanted a condensed index. Textuality.org has become that condensed index, and I really ought to go through and change many of these links to be internal (or functional). However, as an artifact of the time when I made it, of a prototype of this site pre-Tinderbox, this suffices-- and it encourages me to move on to more productive tasks than reworking my old links lists.

In the outline below,

  • The top layer are my categories: narrative sites, and communities, and tech sites.

    • The next layer is generally the eNarrative page where the links are discussed. Visit these.

      • Any other layers are categorical
        • The boxes contain the offsite links.