napkin-sketch business model: Hypertext Projection consulting

So maybe there's a professional opportunity for a consultant or consulting company to come to a company and do just that: "We'll come in, take your site or your documentation, and organize it. In sixteen ways simultaneously. We'll talk to people about how you need to use it, how to set the new system up to grow with you, etc. And you'll have the site back at the end, plus some."

Afterward, the company will be aware of their sites or libraries as a text that readers interact with, build paths through and into. They'll have tools to continue applying that awareness to new material. Readers will have features that acknowledge and facilitate the process of building a productive or interesting narrative out of using the site.

This does depend on companies embracing that as a philosophy (internal documentation is worth the investment, or documentation will help people be productive), and that might be a tough sell. It might also require specific software or substantial redesigns of existing content, both of which might be frightening to clients.