It all comes back to LJs  10/10/04

The best English teacher that I had in high school used to assign Literary Journals, journals where we would write brief (two-page) responses to many things we read. She'd assign LJ entries for chapters in books we were reading, on sections of The New Yorker magazine, on poems, and on articles that other students had clipped out of the newspaper that related to our class topics. What I got from LJs: everything is readable, and sometimes it's worth writing out your thoughts to everyday readings.

I feel like textuality.org (t.org) is a direct descendant of Ms. Hepburn's LJs. It doesn't matter that every entry is a great work of art; it doesn't even matter that they all cohere as a greater work; what matters is that I'm forcing myself to organize and articulate my thoughts (and to have thoughts) on what goes past my eyes on a regular basis.