Mark Bernstein  10/21/04 - Person

I've been delaying writing Mark Bernstein's bio for this site because he's one of the few people I've met, because he's likely to see this fairly quickly after I post it, and because I can't seem to spend more than fifteen minutes reading without running into his name in some acknowledgements or citations. He's founder and Chief Scientist of Eastgate Systems; has written software for hypertext, for Macintoshes, for other things; has helped organize several ACM hypertext conferences and all of the eNarrative conferences; has written innumerable (well, to me) articles and papers on hypertext (some linked down the left side of his blog); and he's a nice guy. I can't make a comprehensive list of his primary interests in hypertext as I can with several other bios I'm working on, but he has written a good bit about the themes of structure, making hypertexts interesting with human touches and good storytelling, elegant linking, and accessibility.