Promiscuous Linking  2/23/05

As I've been getting further into textuality.org and writing more for the web (rather than for a journal, web-presented or no), I've developed a taste for 'promiscuous linking'. Linking thoroughly, linking anything that might be ambiguous and linking it to a page or site that is a good source of more information.

Doing this more often makes the web (and your writing) much richer and much more hypertextual. More words yield. More of what you write is in a context. Your thoughts are integrated more fully into a web of information.

Frequent and skilled bloggers seem to be good at this. There was some flak a while back about limiting the number of links you provide out of your site so that you don't lose a reader prematurely; I think that the problem was unsubtle linking rather than linking at all, and that advice of that sort was aimed at inflexible business sites anyway.

Ironically, this post was inspired by one particular entry from among my blogroll, but it's the only link I have time to put in this entry right now as I start in on a busy day at work.

ETA, 3/15/05: I guess 'promiscuous' is inextricable from its negative connotations outside the field of biology. I've heard it used value-neutrally in biology to indicate extensive interconnection even outside a sexual context. That use seems appropriate here, but I think I may need to find a less loaded term. Suggestions?