Make Links

An early and easy excercise would be to go through two texts (at least one of them thoroughly marked up with clear anchors) and have students forge at least 15 links from one text to the other. They cannot rewrite the origin text, merely select text for linking. Optionally, students should also make 5 links out to other texts or to the web. Beforehand, students receive notes about what makes 'good links'.

This could be done in a wiki with some ease. It could be done in Tinderbox even more easily. I haven't thought about other tools.

Goals - Students will:

  • understand what makes a good link
  • be able to create links in the class software
  • compare the structure of multiple texts
  • find correspondence in the content of multiple texts
  • make correspondence between texts explicit in a hypertext

Evaluation is based on:

- whether the links are there

- the grammar of the text chosen for the origins

- the aptness of the destination

- whether link names (or 'titles' in html) describe the connection or destination