Buttons!  5/6/05

I've gotten in on the badge-sharing that has been going around. There's now a "BBEdited" button in the sidebar, made from Vlad Spears' photoshop files. and you're welcome to it.

If you want to make a suite of your own "80x15" badges, there are some nifty tools out there for doing it: one that seems to have started the trend (and generated some controversy) and one that lets you put in small images. I didn't use either because I liked the 'pop-out' graphics of the 2Second(Fuse) badges, but it's a place to start.

ETA: BBEdited

Vlad Spears posted the photoshop files for the 'badges' on his site. I adopted several and made one to pass the love to BBEdit. I've done all my HTML editing (and a fair bit besides HTML) in BBEdit since 1997. Feel free to grab and/or cannibalize my badge for your own site.