Fewer Words, More Action  5/30/05

I've been on a bit of a spree lately here on t.org, with more posts in May than in any other month but last October, and as many posts as any two months since then. I've had a few things worth saying and sharing.

However, the next couple of months are going to be quieter. I hope to keep posting with some regularity, and I'll certainly finish up the CSSimplicity series, but I have a few other things going on. By the time August closes, I will have:

  • moved from Boston to NYC
  • (hopefully) have found a new job in curricular (Educational) Technology, hypertext, or some other form of human-related geekery
  • coordinated IT at the summer program that I work for, and done the usual shuffle from an office of 25 to three campuses of 110 staff and 400-700 students each (and back again)
  • left that job of four years, and left behind documentation and a trained replacement
  • helped a book become a website

It will be a busy couple of months. It will happen (even the new job, I tell myself), but it is going to take ... fewer words, more action.

(and if you know any schools in NYC with tech openings, drop me a line, eh?)