Syndication!  5/3/05

I've come up with a title for this post that makes it sound like a musical, but the fact remains: I've put up a simplistic rss feed for textuality.org. I'm still playing with it --trying to include html and links rather than just plain text broke it for LiveJournal and NetNewsWire-- but it is up and working. Thanks to Doug Miller for suggesting the feed and for advice.

ETA: Full Text

As this edit indicates, I've changed my RSS feed so that it does full text on the entries and doesn't break. I'd been holding off on full-text because I couldn't get html to work, would have to add children and build a template for them, etc. Alwin pleaded to the world at large, Doug Miller sent advice, and now it's working.

It still doesn't validate, so I've got some work to do. Once it does, I'll post some advice. The (several-year-old) Simplicity export templates have a few problems out-of-the-box and it can take a while to figure out the fixes if you're new to syndication. In the meantime, here are some sites that explain how to set up your own RSS feed. Tinderbox (and the Simplicity template) does a lot of the work for you, but if you're having trouble, these might help you diagnose the problem.