Matt Barton: there's a continuum for eduwikis

"Matt Barton explains what the heck a wiki is, and why compositionists ought to use them in their classrooms"

So says the abstract of the article, but what catches me is:

  • his explanation of 'the wiki way', the philosophy of a wiki (though he's not so high-falutin' as to call it that)
  • his examination (and judging) of potential wiki applications

The latter is great! He lays out a continuum of applications stretching from 'antithetical' to 'philosophically compatible with the wiki way'. Rather than say the 'wiki way' is for some reason better or best in the manner of a hammer seeking a nail, he notes that applications that work with the 'wiki way' are going to be aided rather than hindered by the medium. He's clearly thought through the philosophy and how it plays out in a wiki and applied that to some likely classroom applications. Yes: reference guide. Bibliography. Editing of a document. Textbook. No: personal site/portfolio. Argumentative essay. Novel.

TSOR on his site doesn't turn up clear links to wikis by his classes, but he does have some forums which are worth a real look.

About Tikiwiki itself... I don't like the cluttered interface on his site, but it does look to be full-featured as a wiki-centered community tool. It's got a wiki for educators, though that seems to be largely moribund. It's worth a look sometime.