Hypulp: Hyperlinks in Print  7/15/05 - Article by Paul Baron

The blog Hypulp recently posted article 3 in a series on hyperlinking metaphores in print design:

  1. Hyperlinks in Print I - highlighted footnotes in International Design Magazine
  2. Hyperlinks in Print II - visual cross-references and indexing in the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design Directory
  3. Hyperlinks in Print III - pop-up footnotes in The Atlantic Monthly

Print and web co-development?

The website designs of two of those publications directly mirror the printed product... I wonder if the two sides of the works were actually developed together.

From monologue to conversation

A lot of talk about hypertext circles around how hypertext does or doesn't emulate print. As hypertext matures and spreads throughout popular culture, the conversation is becoming more two-sided.

  • the flexibility of digital environments has opened up new design approaches, some of which work in print as well
  • to put that another way, the challenge of exploring and defining a new medium or tool is forcing us to reconsider hidden assumptions in previously-steady fields
  • we're beginning to see the different situations where the "two" media --print and digital hypertext-- might each be the best solution, rather than making the blanket statement that one media is paramount.