Tinderbox Worklog Template

This blog has been quiet for quite some time while some big things have been afoot: I moved to a new city, changed jobs to start freelancing, and those are just the beginning.

The freelance work has forced me to get more organized on a number of fronts, and one of those fronts is how I track and report my time and my work. Tinderbox was a natural place to start gathering my work because I knew the shape of my notes was going to change, and because I knew that, pretty soon, I'd want to share my notes over the web and make invoices for my clients and partners. I set up a Tinderbox file that would:

  • export part of itself to the web, but could ...
  • ... contain notes that were not shared
  • automatically report on my hours and generate text file invoices
  • track what I've been paid for and what I am owed
  • include notes with web links relevant to my work and all the 'scratchpaper' I could ask for
  • be modular enough that I could copy and adapt it to a new client in a few minutes

That last feature also makes it worth sharing with others. It's easy to have Tinderbox files that become a part of your mind, that reflect the way you think, and therefore are difficult to pass on to others. I put in a few extra hours to make my file modular enough for my various projects, and it's therefore modular enough (I think) to share.

They're here as a Stuffit file: www.textuality.org/templates/sprice_worklog.sit