Bioware Writing Contest  2/2/06 - Event

Bioware held a writing contest that ended a few days ago, and I wish I'd known about it a month before. I suspect that "Tycho" of Penny Arcade held off posting about it until it ended, which may increase his chances even if it doesn't do much for the field.

The neat thing about the contest is not just that it's about interactive fiction, albeit of a very limited sort. It's not just that it is a practical excercise, asking for a working example of writing (how neat is that? A functional piece of writing!). It's also in a tool that is widely and easily available. Tycho says the rest... it's nice to see writing as a priority in games, and nice to see the industry turning to the community for writers. It's a recognition of fan authority and reader talent, which makes me happy.

I've heard about people writing in various 3D engines. Has any fiction worth some thought been made in the Neverwinter Nights module editor? It will be neat to see the results of the contest, of circumscribed writing excercises.