EdTechPost  3/1/06 - Website by Scott Leslie

EdTechPost is not a pretty site, but neither is what he writes about: life in the trenches of educational technology, which he helpfully narrows down to "tools for learning, thinking, and collaborating". Scott Leslie knows his stuff, writes about it well, and links extensively. He's not just looking at media delivery, nor just at glorified word processors (though that could be interesting too), he examines the nitty-gritty details of how these tools work in educational settings while (seemingly) using the blog to step back and get some perspective on his daily work from the broad view of where the field is. It's a good example of why blogging is good for your career.

when educational technology is hypertext

The site is here on t.org for one clear reason. First, I think that he's on the technical, practical fringe of this site's interest in hypertext. EdTechPost focuses on course management systems, 'learning objects' and the challenges of 'learning object repositories'. As it does so, it examines the practical challenges of integrating hypermedia into daily life. Teaching English is more than delivering good books and handouts to students-- it's facilitating discussion, interpreting students' novice articulations of the material and connecting thoughts, and keeping the class focused among a hundred other things; so using hypermedia is more than just delivering rich media to the students, it has to facilitate work with the media, allow novice navigation and explorations, and get the technology out of the way. These are very much hypertextual challenges.