Games + Learning + Society Conference 2006  6/26/06 - Event

I didn't go to the Games + Learning + Society Conference 2006, and I am kicking myself for it. I came up with a bunch of reasons why it might not be what I was into, or why it might be above my head, back when I could have registered. By the time I realized it would be awesome, it was well beyond my solo means.

This, then, is an entry made possible by my friend Alecia Magnifico, who is a student at UW-Madison in the group that sponsored the conference. She gathered a bunch of links and sent a minor bibliography for what her panel would talk about.

GLS 2006 'Official' Links

Though all of these links are accessible from the GLS 2006 website, this is a quick TOC for what caught my eye.

There's a page for an overview, programs for Thursday and Friday. I'm going to have to work my way through those topics and mentioned readings. There's a full speaker list with links to bios and a lot of personal sites. The photos page had pictures of previous years up before the conference and has this year up through the flickr tag gls-conference.

Some of the sessions are online at Mediasite and are freely viewable.

GLS 2006 Blogs

Lisa Galarneau was the official conference blogger, and she interviewed many notables in a series of podcasts.

Brian Green's got a bit about his talk ("Online games - Past, present, and future") up at his blog.

Dr. B has a blog with a bunch of entries about GLS... notable because I had to really dig to figure out who Dr. B is (Samantha Blackmon), presumably because I didn't arrive by the expected route. I'm a sudden convert to the "name yourself on the front page" school of blogging.

Cabell Gathman has three very thorough blog entries that were 'Live from GLS': 1, 2, and 3. Each sums up several sessions. Good stuff!

The Instructional Gaming Forum mentioned the conference's Call for Papers, and they look interesting.

Mark Wagner of edtechlife made the same choice about the conference for about the same reasons, with the same semi-regret.

"Augmented Reality Gaming" sent people to GLS, and there are a couple of posts there about preparing an Aug. Real. Game for the conference. (Aye, I already use "ARG" for Alternate Reality Gaming)

And in from right field, the "conservative musings of a student posted near the shores of Lake Mendota" complains that UW-M should be doing better things with their money than hosting the conference. A commenter has the last laugh, though, pointing out the facts about funding that the poster missed.

There are more blogs from this group, but I haven't tracked them down yet...