Metamorphosis  2/18/07

Good bloggers write their lives, from the daily details to the deeper ruminations. They share with their readers as their interests change and their blogs follow. I tend to do the opposite: I disappear and emerge new. Hence, as I realized that freelancing wasn't working for me and shifted interests over this last year, I retreated. I locked up-- textuality.org is about hypertext, information architecture, and maybe education; if I wasn't reading and writing about that, perhaps it shouldn't go on t.org.

I think that was the easy, but wrong, route. I'm still interested in hypertext, and how people use linked and dynamic text to discover and forge meaning in their lives. I'm still interested in how technology can turn people from readers to writers and how it can help them see the 'meta' side of their lives, not just the details and how they fit together but the systems that make the details fit together.

That retreat was also largely due to a shift in career. As I began t.org, I moved from Boston to New York and began freelancing on databases. A year in, I shifted away from databases. I wasn't sure where to go, but several opportunities to work in Game Design and educational software came up. I followed them, and here I am now, with things to think and say again but in a new field.

I'm still interested in hypertext, information architecture, and education. Now, though, I've got a specific set of fields to apply that interest to. Hypertext and my interest in it has taken root in educational software, writing software; my interest in dynamic and linked narrative has taken root in game design and digital games. It's my life equivalent of a chapter break, I suppose. For textuality.org is the link to Page 2 or the Next Section. I hope that if you're still reading, you'll follow that link with me.