Tinderbox Weekend Boston

Tinderbox Weekend Boston  2/21/05 - Event

Tinderbox Weekend Boston was a two day gathering for people new to the Tinderbox software and for experienced users looking for new perspectives on the software. I think it succeeded for both groups, from what I heard over the weekend and after.

It was an impressive event in its subtleties. It was a friendly, intimate conference (a tricky thing to manage) of people from divergent professions and with divergent interests and experience. The sessions were quick, accessible, and friendly; as with any good conference, in between were breaks and meals full of banter, advice, and questions... though because Tinderbox is used in so many ways, the conversations here seemed to wander further afield to accomodate personal issues from different walks of life. At the end, we left with a weekend's worth of things to think about and a CD full of files to dissect-- real life examples and works from the presenters and attendees.

The weekend seemed a bit overwhelming to those who were completely new to the software and looking for a tutorial-- you'd get a lot more out of the weekend if you'd played with the software at least a little. For those who had, the weekend was a wealth of stories, examples, and discussions about how to use the remarkable software package.