Technology and the Harkness Table  4/22/05 - Event

I spent today in a conference at the lovely Rocky Hill School in East Greenwich, RI which was quite interesting in ways which, sadly, have very little to do with my job.

The conference was aptly named "Technology and the Harkness Table" because it was exactly that. We got to see a building that was literally designed around technology and the Harkness Table mode of teaching and saw how wonderful it is when engaged teachers, supportive administration, sensible architecture, and funding all come together. In most schools you might get two of those in any one place at any one time, especially if you're in the public schools. An independent school might get you three. In either setting it's rare to have all of those, and Rocky Hill was doing some impressive things with that setup.

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Tinderbox Weekend Boston  2/21/05 - Event

Tinderbox Weekend Boston was a two day gathering for people new to the Tinderbox software and for experienced users looking for new perspectives on the software. I think it succeeded for both groups, from what I heard over the weekend and after.

It was an impressive event in its subtleties. It was a friendly, intimate conference (a tricky thing to manage) of people from divergent professions and with divergent interests and experience. The sessions were quick, accessible, and friendly; as with any good conference, in between were breaks and meals full of banter, advice, and questions... though because Tinderbox is used in so many ways, the conversations here seemed to wander further afield to accomodate personal issues from different walks of life. At the end, we left with a weekend's worth of things to think about and a CD full of files to dissect-- real life examples and works from the presenters and attendees.

The weekend seemed a bit overwhelming to those who were completely new to the software and looking for a tutorial-- you'd get a lot more out of the weekend if you'd played with the software at least a little. For those who had, the weekend was a wealth of stories, examples, and discussions about how to use the remarkable software package.

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eNarrative 4  10/1/04 - Event

I took a fair number of notes at eNarrative 4, in March of 2002. Some of them are still readable and potentially interesting, and I've put them below.

The eNarrative roundtables were neat events; Eastgate did a good job of rounding up leading lights for the topics at hand, the venue was pleasant, and the roundtable format left the agenda flexible enough for that many smart and interested people to all participate as they wished.

This was my second eNarrative conference, and was much closer to my interests (education) than the first. Since it was also one of my last acts of participation in the community before this site, many of my notes are still central interests in this site's exploration of hypertext. I imagine that several of the subtopics of this entry will wind up recycled into other entries that follow.

Notes, such as they are, follow. I've done my best to make them read sensibly, but have not put much work into making it flow seamlessly. These are notes.

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eNarrative 2  10/4/04 - Event

Whee, zip, wow. A Keanu Reeves-like "whoah." Those were my first reactions to the eNarrative2 conference that happened Feb. 24-25, 2001. A year later, when I wrote up these notes for my own site, that was still true. The eNarrative roundtables kept on top of the field and did their small part to lead it as well. I use the past tense because the last of the eNarratives happened in 2003, and I know of no plans to bring them back.

During the roundtable I volunteered to collect and record the URLs discussed during the roundtables, and that was the majority of my notes. One of the most amazing things about the conference was the sheer brilliance of the readings; I walked through the site and gathered the URLs from there as well. My condensation doesn't have any of the cool discussion that the eNarrative site does, but it has nearly all the external site links.

The extensive notes on the content of eNarrative4 are, to me, much more interesting.

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